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Sales Assistants

Currently seeking Sales Assistants for a job opening in North Carolina locations including:


    • Charlotte, NC

    The Sales Assistant is an integral link in the business relationship that is created by our agency, our clients, and our companies.  For many clients, the Sales Assistant is the focal point of their contacts during the sales process, and frequently clients rely on the Sales Assistant to explain coverage as outlined in the application. The Sales Assistant will be responsible for uploading the insurance policies with the insurance carriers.
    Responsibilities of the Sales Assistant:


      • Sends EPIs to mortgage company, realtor, and attorney in a timely manner
      • Prepares and sends applications via DocuSign or mail (only if necessary) within 48 hours
      • Requests alarm certificates, appraisal, photo, proof or prior (if required), and proof of residency when application is sent
      • Uploads and submits applications for processing within the binding period
      • Documents entire process in AMS
      • Suspenses items set to assure applications are received in a timely manner
      • Responsible for answering questions regarding the application by clients
      • Supplies ID cards, FS1 forms, and DL123’s
      • Follows up on drivers license numbers when clients are moving in and out of state
      • Maintains individual customer files and processes routine correspondence between our agency, the client and/or company
      • Completes file for compliance and scans complete file to the system
      • Asks for business for lines of business not sold at the point of sale

      Requirements of the Sales Assistant:


        • Insurance license and knowledge of industry standards
        • Minimum two years experience in current or related position
        • Possesses a strong attention to detail
        • Ables to multi-task
        • Must have a high level of problem – solving skills.
        • A positive, team – oriented attitude
        • Excellent computer skills
        • Ability to work independently