About Us

System Search – the Southeast’s premiere insurance recruiting agency – provides superior customer service to our clients and our candidates.

It’s important for System Search to understand the values and priorities of our clients and candidates so we can match those values. Our primary goal is to provide quality and professional service. As your insurance recruiting agency, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. To this end, we will search for the best, and we will find the best!

System Search is not just another recruiting agency

  • We have 60 years’ of combined experience in the staffing industry
  • We match forward-moving companies with dynamic candidates
  • Our clients include some of the area’s premiere insurance agencies, brokers and carriers, however we also have clients in other industries as well
  • We are committed to finding only the most highly qualified and dedicated applicants

Are you ready to make a change?

It can be tiring, not to mention frustrating, spending hours sorting through online job postings, sending out hundreds of cover letters and resumes, driving from interview to interview, and waiting for the phone to ring. System Search helps make the process easier because we do the legwork for you!

Time is money

We take the time — time you do not have! — to thoroughly assess your needs and wants. As our candidate, we talk with you in depth to find out what you are looking for as you take the next step in your career path. As our client, we work with you to identify what type of employee would best fill the crucial role in your organization.

When you are ready to hire

Instead of you or your staff spending time placing ads, sorting and screening resumes, etc., let us do it for you!

Our skilled staff has expertise in

  • Developing targeted placement ads that match what you need in your next hire
  • Vetting potential candidates through thorough phone and in person interviews
  • Scheduling skills assessments
  • Checking references


Fees are based on your specific requirements and needs and remember, you never pay a fee unless you hire our candidate! Exclusivity and volume can also directly impact the fees. You have nothing to lose by calling System Search.

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